||| gluten-free ||| vegetarian ||| healthy ||| tastes like a garden-party in your mouth |||


Beets - best from the local farmer's market!
Organic Carrots
Fresh or frozen peas
Vegetable 'beef' Bouillon
Grated Zucchini
Cracked Peppercorn
Fresh Dill
White Vinegar
Sour Cream

You can boil the beets whole, like I did, and run under cold water to remove the skins. Click HERE for a more detail description of how I remove the skins with only one insulting comment directed at you.

Saute your onions in the pot mentioned next.

Fill said large soup/stock pot with as much water and bouillon as you want soup. Get it rollin'. For those of you that aren't cool, that means boiling.

Julienne your carrots (that means matchstick dem). Put in zee pot.
When zee beets are skinned, grate right into zee pot (or julienne dem). I am now talkin' like ee Polish grandmother. I'll stop.

Grate the zucchini right in the pot too.
Add lotsa dill, but save some to garnish before eating.
Season with sat and pecker, to taste.

Boil. Boil. Boil.

Just before serving, throw in your peas. They don't need to have the shit cooked out of them. They are the annoying girlfriend who likes to be late, because she knows that she'll be the star when she shows up lookin' all fine. .......really though, not sure how that relates to peas much.

ALSO - CRUTIAL -  a good dash of white vinegar adds a complexity and depth to the borcht that you can only experience in a sexual encounter that wasn't planned.



Dollop the sexual encounter with sour cream, more fresh dill, and eat eat eat.