||| gluten-free ||| vegan - omit bacon/butter ||| dairy-free - sub butter for olive oil |||

Black Eyed Beans
Organic Ketchup
Cooking Molasses
Brown Sugar
Caramelized Onions
Cracked Black Pepper
Cracked Sea Salt
Liquid Hickory Smoke
Crushed Garlic
'Seed to Sausage' Molasses Black Pepper Bacon
White Wine
Vegetable Bouillon Cubes (see KK's Cupboard)

Soak your Black Eyed beans overnight. If it's a friday night (then you must be a web nerd like me), then you can cook them in the am. If it's a weeknight, go to work first, show face, then leave early, and come home to cook them. It's that important.

While the beans are simmering and softening up (never add salt to the water - hinders cooking), get out a big bowl and start making your sauce.

Well, first caramelize your onions in butter, then chop and partially cook your bacon, in the same pan, whatever. Why make two dirty pans? Pour both the onion and then the bacon (and all of it's fat) into the sauce bowl, with the ketchup, molasses, more pepper, brown sugar, salt, white wine (or red), crushed garlic, and the dissolved bouillon (bit of water is ok too). Drop in the liquid smoke and taste frequently. Too much can be sickening. It's like being chained face-to-face to a cabin-bush-man for two days.

Now, I don't measure anything. Just make lotsa sauce. Taste as you go. Add more brown sugar if you want. Add more ketchup or Tomato paste, or the last of the salsa, I don't care. Your tastebuds are different than mine, and NO, you can't 'send back' a bottle of wine if you don't like the taste, it's about if it has 'turned' or not. You're just the guinea pig.

Annyyywhoooo, when the beans are cooked, I don't think I have to tell you to drain them (but there are some idiots out there)...so drain them, and place into the bowl of awesome sauce. Turn over a few times, and pour into a baking dish or two. Again, it's obvious, but now you bake it.

Cover with foil, bake at 300° or 350° or 275°...I don't know.
Keep an eye, put a cookie sheet underneath if the baking dish is full to the top and you're a dumb-dumb.
Bake until you can't wait anymore, and then take foil off for a bit to brown the top. If it's really liquidy, forego the foil completely.

Good luck silly pants.

Take a pic. Instagram your mess @kkwasnica