||| gluten-free ||| vegetarian ||| healthy & fresh ||| portion & freeze |||

Black Beans
Wild Rice
Caramelized Onions
Roasted Garlic
Cracked Pepper and Salt
Ground Flax Seeds
Tomato Paste
Dijon Mustard
Veggie Bouillon cubes (dissolved in a teeny bit of water)
Grated Organic Carrots (they don't taste like chemicals)
Chopped Mushrooms - I like Shiitake for this.
2 Eggs
Butter for searing & caramelizing
Parsley, Thyme

Soak your dried black beans overnight, and cook when you get home from your 9-5 jobbie, while you cut up and grate the other stuff on the list and cook the rice and lentils. Or, you can crack open a can of beans, if you are a lazy fucker. Hand-mash them with a fork before throwing into the bowl.

Also, throw a whole head of garlic or two in the mini toaster oven (or the huge oven - if you like wasting electricity), so it can roast before you throw it in the mix.

Basically, get out a huge bowl, and as things are finished cooking, being grated, or chopped, just keep tossing it into the bowl and turning over every so often.

Caramelize your onions in butter, throw in the bowl.
In the same pan, sear off your mushrooms, with thyme & butter. Throw in the bowl.
Sear the carrots a bit too (tastes better). Also throw in the damn bowl.
Cook the lentils...put in da bowl.
Cook the wild the bowl too...get the drift?
With the cooked stuff in the bowl, continue to add chopped cashews, chopped parsley, the chopped roasted garlic, ground flax seeds, dijon mustard, bouillon stock, season to taste, and feel free to sneak in any other veggies you want. Also put in some tomato paste and the 2 eggs (beat first). Taste before the egg if you want and add stuff that you think it needs...maybe some liquid smoke, or smoked paprika? To give it that "I'm in a fuckin' cabin, rusticking it all out by the fire on a bearskin rug" kinda feeling.

The eggs help keep it all bound together - and I wish I didn't have to use them, but it's hard to replace something that keeps all the grainy bits stuck togetha when you slow bake this.

So, when the glorious bowl is full of something that resembles cat throw-up, fill some bread pans with it, and pack down. coat the top with tomato paste too. Bake it. Ummm...I dunno, like, at 300°? I don't measure anything, or time anything. Trust your inner chef. Basically, you just need to bake the egg throughout, so it sticks together. Probably and hour and a bit. I used a lower temp so I didn't get any major browning.

Enjoy, you vegetarian, you!

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