||| gluten-free ||| vegetarian ||| fresh & creamy |||

Arborio Rice
Fresh Dill - if you use dried, my Baba will rise from her grave and hit you
Real Parmesan - don't be a cheap ass
Cracked White Pepper
Veggie Bouillon

Risotto is easy. Don't be a llama. Bold front, but just spits on things that it's afraid of.
In a large non-stick deep-dish skillet, put lotsa seasoned water and/or stock. Bring to a boil. Add  rice. Probably about 1/3 of the amount of water. Leave the lid off. Let it simmer, let the water reduce, DO NOT drain it. Just keep it simmering. When the water is gone, you now have risotto. Add a sickening amount of butter & REAL parmesan, and pepper. Simmer. Simmer. Add fresh Dill last. Turn off stove.

VOILA! Fuckin' Risotto.

Boil beets, and when cooked through, put the whole pot in a metal sink, water and all, and turn on the cold water, let it run in to the pot and replace the hot water. Change the temp of the water to something your hands can tolerate, and grab a beet. Slide the skin off into the pot under the running water. Look. At. That. Your hands aren't purple, and it was easy to take the skins off? Holy Heck!
Place the freshly brazilianed beet into a bowl, and do the rest of them.
Put your hand into a ziploc bag, or wear rubber gloves to grate the beets (or if you are hard-core Polish, you won't fuckin' care if your hands turn purple for days).

Plate some risotto, and top with cooked, grated beets. Holy!
So good.

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