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Chicken Breasts (eeewww....)
>>> I only made these for my friend, Viktor, because he insisted on eating chicken boobs <<<
Dijon Mustard
Mini Peppers
Ricotta Cheese
tons of Fresh Basil
Roma Tomatoes
Red & White Wine
Veggie Bouillon
Heavy Cream
Red Onion
Cracked Peppercorns
Cracked Salt

Clean and prep the mini peppers for stuffing (cut tops off and take out seeds, leaving a tube). Don't finger it too much, unless you are alone, as your friends will not eat it, and will forever have that visual of you in their heads...forever.
Prep the gross chicken breasts too, making a hollow on the inside, from the larger end of the breast. Try not to finger this much either, 'cause that's really just fuckin' weird. Don't be a chicken fucker.
.........If you haven't realized, I don't eat chicken. Except for the time Chris made me a local, free-run roasted chicken, about a month ago, and that was good, and slightly less guilt-free.

In a bowl, put your ricotta, chopped fresh basil, chopped red onion, cracked peppercorns, salt to taste, a wee bit of diced peppers (use the tops you've just cut off - if you threw them out, then you are a waster and you should be ashamed of yourself - there are starving hamsters out there, abandoned in millions of children's bedrooms & classrooms across the world. Think of the hamsters!
That is your stuffing for the mini peppers and the chicken boobs. So get stuffing. Also be cautious how you stuff these food-stuffs, and try not to moan, because, again, your audience will be disturbed.

Coat the chicken boobs with dijon mustard and cracked pepper, and bake the chicken in a dish with white wine.
In another deep baking dish, put some red wine, more basil, pepper, butter chunks, veggie bouillon cube (broken up), heavy cream and lots of diced Roma Tomatoes. Mix up a bit, and put in the stuffed mini peppers, tossing a bit to get everything all coated like being under a cozy duvet when you are buck naked and have freshly shaved legs...Nuthin' better than that.

Bake the Stuffed Peppers longer than the chicken, meaning get this in the oven before the chicken. The longer the peppers cook, and get a bit of browning on top, the better.

Don't email me to ask for how long. Use your face and eyes, and nose to figure it out. That's what I rely on. That, and my intelligence.

I served the chicken and peppers over a Scalloped Mini Potato & Zucchini Bake. But you can be lazy and make shitty Minute Rice. *gag*

Viktor seemed happy eating his boobs, so I knew I did a good job.


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