||| gluten-free ||| vegetarian ||| packed with vitamins |||


Chopped, frozen spinach
Water Chestnuts (canned)
14% Sour Cream
Fresh Basil
1 Veggie Bouillon Cube
Cracked Peppercorns


Previously thaw the spinach and squeeze out the excess water. Squeeze, squeeze, and feel the release slip through your fingers.

First things first (before sexy time with the spinach)...Roughly chop the carrots, toss in peanut oil and roast in the oven, while you prep other stuff. Well, do that to quarters of onion and the whole beets too. ...My friend Chris said I could roast the whole beets and the skins will still slip off (like boiling them, running under cold water and sliding the sexy skins off)...but they didn't. So actually, peel the beets before you bake them, unless you like doing things the hard way. It was like trying to get pantyhose off that has been superglued to a passed out exotic dancer. Awkward and painful. Thanks a lot, Chris.

Also roast a whole head of garlic too. Your apartment will smell like the remnants of a roast and your grandmother's workout.

In a bowl, mix the pressed spinach, about a cup of the sour cream, chopped water chestnuts, pepper, broken up bouillon cube, and fresh, chopped basil. Mix, mix, mix so the bouillon can get absorbed. No one likes a hunk of flavoured salt in their mouth. Maybe cows, and deer, but that's it.

When the carrots, onions, garlic and beets are roasted, chop them up well, and mix into the spinach bowl. I used yellow beets and candy-striped beets, for your wonderful learning experience you are having right now.

It's best if it sits and melds for hours, but decent right away too. Any kind of melding, really, always has some sort of pleasurable outcome, in my opinion.

Serve with olive oil/garlic crustini or just jam your face into it. Whatever.


Take a pic. Instagram your mess @kkwasnica