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St. Mary's River Smokehouse - Maple Smoked Salmon  (see KK's Cupboard)
Free-Run Egg Whites
Baby Potatoes
Red Peppers
Fresh Chives
Cracked peppercorn

I had my peppers roasted from the evening before, but below are some instructions on how to do that, if you prefer to make your own, instead of buying the ones in a jar, coated in salt and preservatives.
Roasted Peppers:
Wash dee peppers. Cut dee peppers in half. Line zee tray with parchment paper. Place dee peppers on zee tray, cut side down, and bake at ___° until they start to brown on top. I don't know the temp, or the time, I just let my mood pick for me. Or if I have an hour to kill, I turn the oven on a lower temp, and let them sit in dere.
When they are done browning and your kitchen smells like a vegetable sex party, I turn on the broil for a few minutes to get the skins to start to turn black. That's called 'roasting.' *winky face*
Take out of the oven, and just let them cool, while you do other stuff.
Don't poke them, don't lick them. Leave them to fuckin' rest, alone.
When cooled off though, now you can strip those promiscuous peppers of their skins. It's kinda messy, and helps to have fingernails, but they like it, and won't tell you to stop.

Prep your egg whites. If you are weird like me, you'll take a spoon, and carve out those weird white, snotty things that are attached to the yoke that sometimes comes out with the white separation. Grosses me the fuck out. Generally, I don't eat eggs, but recipes like this are tolerable. I do freeze the yolk to give to my mom's dogs when they visit. That's how much I like egg yolk. Blech.

If you want to speed up the potato frying, nuke them for 5-6 minutes first, then slice, while burning your fingers. We all do it. We are all impatient. Never learn.
Fry the potato slices in butter (not margarine - that's so fucking nasty - you might as well just quit right here if you eat margarine. Leave my website, you are not worthy of these recipes).
Break up your salmon into pieces and fry it up with the egg whites, chives, more butter and pepper.
Plate accordingly, layering those sexy slivers of freshly roasted red peppers right on top. Make a fuckin' 'X' out of them to tell your morning after date, that X marks the spot into your heart.
Food is love after all.



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