||| gluten-free ||| protein-packed ||| pescatarian ||| killer tasty |||

Canned Albacore Tuna
Fresh Italian Parsley
Fresh Jalapeno
Green Onion
Olive Oil Mayo
Cracked Black Pepper & Salt
Cooked Chickpeas
Smoked Paprika
Yellow Curry Powder
Peanut Oil

Why is this dish titillating? It's titillating because the word itself is titillatingly awesome. And I ate this before going to the gym, and my work-out was titillating.

So, after you've calmed yourself from all that titillation....Mix up, in a bowl, not on the floor, the tuna, mayo, chopped parsley, sliced green onions, and finely diced jalapeno (seeds removed unless you like pain in your face). Season with pepper and salt if you want.
Or not. I don't give a care.

Let the tuna meld, while you spice up your chickpeas:
In a non-stick pan, heat some peanut oil, and sauté finely diced shallots & jalapeno. Toss in your chickpeas [I soaked and cooked mine from dried, because I'm awesome like that - but you can use the sodium & preservative-ridden canned ones if you want]. Season with smoked paprika, yellow curry powder, and a bit of salt. A little bit of browning on the chickpeas, and you're all set.

Plate like the pic, because you now have the two elements all ready. Then manja manja!

And now for a mini true KK story - but this recipe sucked for humour cut-ins:
This one time, my little brother and I decided to make a cake for our hard-working mom. We found a recipe, and made a chocolate cake, following the directions. It cooked nicely, in it's perfectly square pan, It rose, had a nice shiny top on it. I do think that we couldn't wait to try it, even though it was for mom, we musta cut out a piece, had a bite, and promptly SPIT it out.
What the fuck happened? IT WAS AWFUL.
The cake ended up outside, thinking that the critters would eat it. Nope. It sat there for a very long time.
What did we do wrong?
We put in a cup of salt and a teaspoon of sugar.
Sorry mom, but your kids were not very strong readers at that point in our lives.


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