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Wild Rice
Mushrooms - Shiitake, Button, Oyster, any mixture.
Vegetable Bouillon
Organic Carrots
Parmesan (vegans - leave out!)
Pine Nuts
I probably used Butter. I always do. Vegans can sub-in Olive Oil.

Cook your rice in some of the bouillon. While that magic is happening, sauté your mushrooms (after washing and dicing - duuuhhh) in butter and thyme. Add the diced carrots to sauté until cooked through. Turn off the pan.

In that same magical mushroom pan (don't use real magic mushrooms - welllllll, if you want to I can't stop you), toss in the drained wild rice and stir that shit up.

Add grated REAL parmesan, and mix, just before serving. Garnish with Pine Nuts.

This recipe is so short that I am tempted to write a mini story, right here, right now, because apparently, I am unsatisfied with short length. < That was inappropriate. Who f'n cares?

So, this one time, when I was a kid, my brothers and our local redneck friends, and I would frequently catch minnows. We were water ninjas, we scooped them up with such skill, such precision. Not that that is relevant. But this one time, I can't remember if it was my idea, or one of the dumb rednecks, but we decided to SUN-DRY some of the minnows and I was dared to eat one a few hours later. I may have volunteered. Whatever. Same thing. ...I guess that makes me a redneck, for agreeing (or deciding) to eat it. But eat it I did. And guess what? To this day, it is forever scarred in my tastebuds & tastebud memory, that that dried minnow was the grossest, most putrid thing I've ever eaten. It's not a shock that it would taste just like a dead fish, just like the smell of dead fish, because it was. Fuck. I'm even fucking grossed out right now. I'm surprised I can eat fish at all.

And that is a true fucking story of one dumb day in my life.



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