||| gluten-free ||| vegetarian ||| comfort-food ||| lunch-worthy |||

Yellow Zucchini - you can use green, but do what I say.
35% Heavy Cream
Caramelized Onions
Roasted Garlic
Fresh Basil
Spinach. Or not.
Vegetable Bouillon (see KK's Cupboard)
Cracked Peppercorns
Brie Cheese
Get a Mandoline!

As like most of my recipes, I always caramelize my onions right away. That's the first thing I do. So do that. In butter. Turn off when done and then:

Scrub your zucchini and potatoes, and get the mandoline out.

In a bowl, put the heavy cream, dissolved bouillon, some water, cracked pepper & basil. Add the caramelized onions right in there. Stir it up! Let the flavours meld. Sometimes I add roasted garlic too. Up to you. Mmmm.

Slice the raw potatoes and zucchini and put in the bowl of cream sauce. Toss and turn everything.
Get a baking dish, and anally place every piece of potato and zucchini in the dish. I don't pour it in, I grab handfuls, and lay them out manually. That sounds so sexual. You just read that sentence again. Good for you.
Incorporate layers of Brie into it as well, as you go (have it sliced just before you drive your hands into the bowl of cream).
Cover with foil and bake for a while, checking when your patience gets low, to poke the top potatoes to see if they are cooked. When cooked through, take the foil off and broil for a few minutes. Don't walk away. Watch that fucker. Watch it. It's on broil. When a stove gets it's broil on, that's when acts of fake god happen, trying to pull you away from the view, so it can burn the shit out of your hard work.

When nicely browned, like a 56 year old woman in Mexico for a month, take out of the oven.
Let sit for half hour or so, and cool off. It will cut nicer and is easier to serve.

Look at me giving you all these tips & recipes. I'm too fuckin' nice.

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